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Case Study 


"At KONE, we continually strive to improve our internal processes. So, following the successful implementation of the Apprentice programme project, Scopesuite became invaluable to KONE and are now one of our preferred suppliers wherever we may have a need for technological solutions.”

Martin Dumbrell

Training Manager

Upgrading Paper Logbooks to Digital


KONE, founded in 1910 and headquartered in Espoo near Helsinki, Finland, is an international engineering and service company employing some 55,000 personnel across 60 countries worldwide. 


Executive Summary

KONE were the first ever client of Scopesuite shortly after we launched.  Initially we used our feedback tool to gather data on their employee experience.   We began the relationship working with the National and State based Apprenticeship Managers. 

In our first year supporting the program, the National Apprentice Manager designed a paper-based logbook to track the KONE specific skills that apprentices needed to have exposure to.

Implementing the logbook meant the apprentices were fully qualified electricians, but were also fully qualified to work on KONE equipment and the unique job types they would be faced with.


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Scopesuite | The Challenge

The Challenge

The main challenges KONE faced was that there was a lack of visibility over the paper book entries.  This meant that Management found it difficult to know what skills and jobs the apprentices needed to be on.

KONE came to Scopesuite and requested that we develop our mobile APP to allow her apprentices to log the workplace and job activity electronically.

Senior members of staff would need to approve the entries and the data would need to be visible on the central Scopesuite dashboards. 

Scopesuite | ROI


The initial investment to develop the logbooks into a digital format was covered by the cost saved in printing 100+ of paperback logbooks annually, that would have to be reprinted and changed with every edit. KONE now have visibility over what their apprentices are doing each day regardless of location, can see how much time they are spending on each activity and crucially they can also see what they are not doing.

We have tables on the dashboards that show who has not made entries and this enables Natalie to engage quickly and to ensure that lack of activity does not continue.  KONE can rotate staff to jobs where they will get the skills and hours they are missing.

Scopesuite | How did we Help?

How Did We Help?

We upgraded our mobile app significantly to build custom digital logbooks into the mobile APP. 

The apprentices record their activity each day or week.

The activity expected and required is outlined and pre-installed by KONE.  It is fully customisable.

Every entry can log hours against, can include phot evidence, can be approved by Supervisors email and is time and date stamped against the individual.

The data is displayed on the central Scopesuite platform that KONE were previously using to gather employee feedback and to manage staff rotations.


No longer are paper logbooks being left on the bus or in the pub!   The mobile app means that the apprentices have access to their logbooks and can make entries at any time.  Since the successful implementation of the logbooks, we have completed several upgrades and the wider business has also developed their own version for Senior staff.

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