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Case Study 


" When everything happened with COVID-19 we knew it would have an effect on our apprentices.  Scopesuite allowed us to ask important questions quickly.  We immediately learned how everyone is feeling and how this differed across the business.  This meant we could be focused and effective with our support.”

Jamie Eid

Apprentice Manager Sydney Trains

State Government Supporting Early Career Employees

Sydney Trains are part of the NSW Government and sit within the Transport NSW group.

Each year they run various recruitment drives to bring on and educate new employees in the form of apprenticeships, work experience, internships and graduate programs. 


Executive Summary

Sydney Trains Management team are tasked to support and manage the development of 200-400 apprentices each year.  Since 2018 the team have been utilising Scopesuite technology to gather regular feedback and insights from both apprentices and their Line Managers.

The ability to automate this process and for key issues to be brought to the attention early, has meant that management can quickly provide support to who needs it most.

Historically the Sydney Trains Apprenticeship team look for feedback on the team environment, college work, rotations and technical performance.  


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Scopesuite | The Challenge

The Challenge

Covid-19 has meant that apprentices and employees have been asked to working remotely or have had radical changes to their work patterns. The ability to engage directly with apprentices has been limited. Young people who are new to the workforce are now faced with unprecedented challenges that bring unknown levels of anxiety and concern.  

The Head of Sydney Trains Apprenticeships, Jamie Eid, came to Scopesuite with a request to adapt our platform and to use it to gauge the concerns of his people. 

Scopesuite | How did we Help?

How Did We Help?

We consulted with Jamie and the team at Sydney Trains to understand what the key indicators they needed visibility over where. 

We then created a web-based survey that would be sent to all apprentices via their work email accounts and/or our mobile app. 

The resulting data was then displayed on a tailored dashboard that Jamie could use to analyse and report back to Senior Management.

Notifications helped the team to be drawn quickly to those who needed immediate support.

Scopesuite | ROI


The ability for Sydney Trains to have visibility over their apprentice’s concerns has been invaluable. 

For them to act on concerns they must understand what the concerns are. 

They have been able to let their people know that their voices are important and are being heard during this challenge.

They now know what types of information is needed and who needs a conversation and additional support.

Supporting the apprentice’s mental wellbeing throughout this time is a key priority for Jamie and his team.  That priority can be addressed with more accuracy, now that the team have better visibility over who may need support.


Survey Question Examples

  • Given the COVID-19 pandemic, how safe do you feel performing your role?

  • How satisfied are you with Sydney Trains communications regarding these issues and challenges?

  • How satisfied are you with the company’s hygiene policies?

  • Do you feel management is providing you with enough support or information during this time

  • Apprentices also had the option to provide feedback by means of comments and 70% of apprentices did just that.

The data gathered was displayed on tailored dashboards that Sydney Trains could use to break down the data by Depot, Cohort or any other variable set by them. They could analyse the data on mass to establish were the main issues were and what needed to be address first.

At-risk individuals with multiple concerns were highlighted in a specific table. All feedback forms with a concern were highlighted in a notification that went directly to the Apprentice Management team. 

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