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Sydney Trains operates as a function of Transport for New South Wales, employing more than 25,000 people. Their main source of talent pipeline is through their renowned apprenticeship program which offers a variety of specialist qualifications including Electrical Rail Signalling, Power Systems and Telecommunications Technology.


Executive Summary

Sydney Trains Management team are tasked to support and manage the development of 200-400 apprentices each year.

Since 2018 the team have been utilising Scopesuite technology to gather regular feedback and insights from both apprentices and their Line Managers.


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Scopesuite | The Challenge

The Challenge

With over 200 apprentices attending TAFE every week, it is critical that Sydney Trains have visibility over progress and attendance of their developing employees.

It is a manual process for the Sydney Trains Apprenticeship team to contact individual TAFE teachers for updates.

We were tasked with gathering weekly TAFE reports from multiple classes and teachers.

The technology would replace the current 20+ varieties of attendance and performance reports that were being used and sent via email.

To tool would need to deliver on the Sydney Trains requirements while saving time for both Sydney Trains Program Manages and for the TAFE teachers.

Scopesuite | How did we Help?

How Did We Help?

We consulted with the team at Sydney trains to understand what information they required from TAFE and at what frequency. We created a web-based portal which is automatically distributed to the TAFE teachers via email to complete at the end of each session.

The report includes:

• Course progress updates

• Attendance register

• Action notifications with supporting comments

• The ability to upload files

To standardise reporting across teachers and classes, Sydney Trains requested that each class teacher gives a Red, Amber or Green Status as a minimal progress rating for each apprentice.

The weekly reports captured in the Scopesuite portal display on live dashboards for Sydney Trains to monitor and analyse.

Scopesuite | ROI


The time saved chasing and trying to analyse multiple varieties of reports every week, can now be better spent on programme improvement, internal reporting and providing more support to the apprentices who need it.

The ability to closely monitor the apprentice’s progression, attendance and where they need support through dashboards has been invaluable.

Dashboards are broken down into relevant classes for instant reporting and visibility over organisational KPI’s.

Not only has the Scopesuite portal improved the process for Sydney Trains, but it has provided an easy to use platform for TAFE teachers to directly update their client.

Effective communication between TAFE and client allows for quick resolutions to issues, immediate support for apprentices in need, and for the early identification of high performers.

Improved visibility over these metrics improves completion rates and the overall experience of apprentices.

What do TAFE think?

"We have been using the Scopesuite portal and it has provided our teachers with a user friendly, time efficient solution to update our client, Sydney Trains. This has saved our teachers time on reporting whilst improving the service to our client."

Craig Pollard

Head Teacher-TAFE Ultimo


What do Sydney Trains think?

"Having apprentice feedback, line manager reviews and now TAFE results in one place, means we can be more efficient with our time. All the information we need on apprentice experience and performance is in there. We can see what Apprentices are falling behind and they can get the help they need quickly."

Jamie Eid

Head of Apprenticeships -Sydney Trains


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